Scented Candles

The candles were devised to special gelegenhethe te celebrating or to to stand still at special moments. You make it an extra special gift by making the scented candle at combine with one of the matching L'AIMÉ accessories. The stands are more economical when ordered in combination with the candles. Among the accessories, you can also order refills for our candles, for the size 350 grams and 600 grams.

L'Aimé candles offers sustainable gift candles made from natural materials and with eco-friendly production methods. The candles are handmade and made from biodegradable vegetable wax and have cotton wicks. The candles and packaging are produced completely C02 neutral and are very luxuriously packaged in recycled materials. The entire production of our luxury wishing and scented candles takes place in the Netherlands.

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