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A simple concept, but of great value to every person. During a difficult time, founder Cloé received love and warmth in the form of dozens of candles lit for her. This gave strength and positivity and inspired her to create this brand. Wishing candles from L'AIMÉ are handmade in the Netherlands with natural oils sourced from traditional perfumers in Grasse. Each candle carries a unique scent and wish - specially conceived to celebrate every occasion, and reflect on every special moment.

Wishing you all the light of the world,
Cloé Maria Kersten


A warm thank you goes out to visual creative Edith Beurskens for her extraordinary contribution to L'AIMÉ. The valuable aesthetic and identity of the brand confirm her constant commitment and attention to every detail. As a visual storyteller, she contributes to the story a brand wants to convey; for L'AIMÉ, she outlined the first chapter with her know-how of graphic design, art direction and branding. This intuitive collaboration between Cloé and Edith led to an inspiring concept and authentic visual style - from the first meeting to the launch of L'AIMÉ. Even more gratitude goes to family and friends for their support and involvement.


L'AIMÉ's wishing candles are made with love for people and the environment. By not producing on a large scale, using handmade products and working with local artisans, we work sustainably, ethically and aesthetically. This is why the candles are hand-poured and made locally in the Netherlands, based on a blend of natural premium oils, sourced from perfumers in the southern French town of Grasse. This process gives each of our scented candles its own character and unique scent. And makes celebrating beautiful moments or just dwelling on special events even more special. Our collection consists of products made from natural materials. For example, we use recycled glass from the Netherlands to make the L'AIMÉ candles. Whenever possible, everything is sourced locally. For a number of items in the collection, L'AIMÉ works with craftspeople from India. For this, we pay a fair price and are constantly alert to checking the right working conditions. This way we can guarantee a fair and sustainable product.