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Reflecting on 2022

by | 2 Jan 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

For me, it is clear where my focus will be this coming year: the people I love.

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on how things are going with L'AIMÉ On things that went well, but also things that didn't go so well and can be better next year.

But while I think my business is important, I know better than anyone that it is even more important to reflect on my personal life. Am I spending enough time with my family and closest friends? And when I do spend that time with them, am I really in the moment? Am I giving the people around me the attention they deserve? I can say that this past year I managed to do this fairly well.

Attention is most important to me. And that is exactly why I started L'AIMÉ. I want to offer everyone every day the opportunity to return to attention for just a moment. By focusing it on yourself, others and life. Because attention in the moment is the most beautiful gift.

Have you reflected on your year yet? And have you thought about including your personal life in this? I sincerely hope you can look back on a year as wonderful as mine. And if not, I send you all the love and strength to make next year your year. ❤️

Love, Cloé