L’AIMÉ geurkaars personalisatie

L'AIMÉ scented candle personalization

Have your L'AIMÉ scented candle personalized with a personal message on the gift box L'AIMÉ: French for "the beloved" L'AIMÉ: a simple concept, but of great value to everyone. During a difficult time, founder Cloé received love and warmth in...

Reflecteren op 2022

Reflecting on 2022

For me, it's clear where my focus will be this coming year: the people I love. The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on how things are going with L'AIMÉ On things that went well, but also things that didn't go as well....

“Als je geeft, geef met aandacht.”

"When you give, give with attention."

Move away from cursory ordering and begin attentive giving. Attentive giving. That's what L'AIMÉ is always about. In the run-up to the December season, we talk with L'AIMÉ founder Cloé. What does attentive giving mean? And how do you do it,...