"When you give, give with attention."

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Move away from cursory ordering and begin attentive giving. Attentive giving. That's what L'AIMÉ is always about. In the run-up to the December season, we talk with L'AIMÉ founder Cloé. What does attentive giving mean? And how do you do it, really? A plea for attentive giving.

In a life where the pace of time is only sometimes defeated by haste, attention is a scarce commodity. We scroll our minds, peering at screens and shooting from notification to notification. Too bad because pausing once in a while and looking at life and each other with attention is so important.

Cloé Kersten - Founder L'AIMÉ

Finding that peace and attention in your own life is already complicated. Let alone putting that attention into a gesture to another. Because ... how do you actually give with attention? Cloé of L'AIMÉ explains. First of all, it's all about thought. "Attention means showing someone that you have thought about something. A card you've thought about is so much more valuable than an expensive gift you order online."

It's a habit Cloé also applies in her own life. "My most recent mindful gift I gave to my daughter. She turned 21 and then I took her to anna + nina, also happens to be one of the places where you buy our candles. There we picked out a beautiful ring. It was a beautiful day; right after the lockdowns so it was special to be able to go out." Cloé continues. "I don't think we'll soon forget that day."

L'AIMÉ's candles also burn with the help of that attention. "The labels, the candles, the packaging. Everything is made to order. We invest a lot in this from L'AIMÉ. Maybe too much if you look at it economically. But it's more than worth it."

Giving with attention is, of course, a fine aspiration. But how do recipients actually typically respond to L'AIMÉ's thoughtful gifts? "We often hear that just unwrapping them is a gift. That really is a very special compliment." A special role here is played by the personalized cards that L'AIMÉ puts with the candles. "Those cards we write by hand. With fountain pen. That radiates so much." Gift givers can decide what to write on the card. Givers without inspiration can turn to one of the many texts in L'AIMÉ's collection. "Sometimes it's just hard to find the words to go with a gift. Then, of course, you can always say it with a candle."

Attention as an ingredient of a gift these closing months of the year. Perhaps the essential ingredient? Cloé nods. "When you give something, you have to do it with attention. Otherwise you might as well not give anything, right? Because giving with attention is the most beautiful way to give."